Last updated 2019-08-01
Ganbanyoku Manufacture and Construction Company




Tenshoh seki


This ore is well known for emitting terahertz waves (cultivation waves), a far-infrared ray. This ore has gained an excellent reputation since being used in the first GANBANYOKU in Japan. The range of application for this ore is being expanded to the likes of GANBAN-YOKU, as it is sturdy and durable of ores for GANBANYOKU.


Black silica


The black Silica mined in Hokkaido has been proven in water clarification and public projects. It has also been proven in many GANBANYOKU installations, mainly in Northern Japan. 

Magma 乙姫石®

Magma Otohime ishi

According to folklore, heating a woman’s body with this stone will improve her health, and ensure healthy babies and a safe childbirth. This lava stone contains few grikes (holes) and features a beautiful matt texture with a blue-gray color tone. 

Magma ブラック

Magma Black

The unique structure in which lenticular Black Silica intrudes into the lava (pyroxene rhyolite) means that the far-infrared effect is enhanced. This is a special ore with excellent efficacy, durability, and texture.