Last updated 2020-01-07
Ganbanyoku Manufacture and Construction Company



Facial Type

Because it is slim specifications, a compact layout is possible.
The height setting that the beauty treatment salon surgical operation can perform with sleeping.
The height of the pedestal is modifiable depending on a demand.


Wide Type

Bed of the basic-style taking off a pedestal and can use. This is a bed of the spacious and comfortable size.
It is most suitable to have you enjoy ganbanyoku of the cool & dry environment in home and a beauty treatment salon.


Box Type

This bed is compatible with "hot & wet environment" that warming humidification, it is a versatile bed that can be used anywhere. The controller can choose a separation type integral also the base (optional) also has been prepared.




The spa features an extremely sturdy structure with a load capacity of 392 N/cm2. This provides excellent protection to the internal heating sheet.
The spa can easily handle heavy loads and sudden impacts, and is not prone to temperature changes when a person lies on it. The design lets you safely enjoy a lave/hot stone spa.

Heating equipment

We use the warm temperature device which I can control finely in seven phases of changes. Besides, in addition to a controller, there is the triple safety device with thermostat (68 degrees Celsius) and the temperature fuse (100 degrees Celsius). In addition, for power consumption 175W, you are putting electricity for one month and can use it for an electricity bill of 1,800 yen.(The wide type and box type bed are power consumption 370W)


The heating system features a redundant safety system with a thermostat (68oC) and a thermal fuse (100oC).

Energy saving

The sophisticated structure implements high heating temperature.
Slim types \1800/month, Box & Wide type \3800/month


The materials used for the stone coating, leather, heating sheet, wooden parts, and adhesives all satisfy the F☆☆☆☆ safety standards. So you can enjoy safe and healthy bedrock/hot stone spa.


Seven phases of temperature control is possible in conjunction with a sensor. As it is the panel which forgets to cut a timer, the child lock function and the preparation, operation are easy, and is easy to see prevention, it is available from the day when you installed it.