Last updated 2018-05-24
Ganbanyoku manufacture and construction company

Ganbanyoku manufacture and construction company

We have constructed more than 1,000 systems of GANBANYOKU since 1995. Our main customers were specialty spas, a hotel, a beauty treatment salon, fitness clubs, nursing home, a personal residence, in japan and the world. We utilize our original know-how and tries for offering "concise & high-quality" GANBANYOKU.

Systems usable for a long time

Construction and maintenance are concise and aim at the making of systems available in peace for a long term by constructing reliable materials in a concise method of construction.

Completely hygienic

We are making a special coating layer inside of the GANBANYOKU ore, it will suppress the occurrence of bacteria. and Our GANBANYOKU beds are the structure that sweat and moisture do not invade inside. In addition, because we understand hygiene management of various equipment of GANBANYOKU systems. You will enjoy a hygienic relaxation GANBANYOKU with confidence.

Product and service

◇ Design / production / construction of GANBANYOKU system.
◇ Supply of various GANBANYOKU parts.
◇ Suggestion of the administration operation.

Main customers

Spa, Beauty treatment salon, Hotel, Hot spring facilities, Hospital, Fitness club, Nursing home, Medical equipment maker, Housing campany.

The delivery results

GANBANYOKU Over 1,000 installations
We offer an appropriate system to you. Even if it is any facilities.

Ganbanyoku Project News


The residence of Mitsui Home Design in Kawaguthi-ko.


Yokohama residence of Misawa Home Co.,Ltd. in Hokohama City.


Yuki Body Care Spa in Ube City.


Sports Rehabilitation Clinic in Takeo City.


Hotel Hanasakura in Tateyama City.


Times Square YM Spa in Hong Kong.


Iguchi residence of Sekisui House in Komagane City.


Waseko Training institute in Suzuka City.


The residence of Mitsui Home Design in Asiya City.


Sajima villa in Yokosuka City.


Hot Stone Therapy in Singapore.


Howa Trading Spa in Philippines.


The Guest house in Minamichita City.


Kashimanomori house in Karuizawa City.


Premier Yokohama "ROCHE" in Yokosuka City.